Artsource International provides the following:

The Process:

  • Establishing parameters of a project
  • Focusing ideas
  • Formulating a theme
  • Viewing images at your site, in artists studios, in galleries and on-line
  • Choosing or commissioning work
  • Coordination with your architect/designer
  • Establishing a budget
Artsource International Provides:
  • Presentation of artwork at the installation site
  • Museum quality matting and framing
  • Installation services for all artwork
  • Choice of appropriate lighting
  • Appraisals
  • Insurance needs
  • Refurbishing artwork on a regular basis
  • Additional services such as plants, floral elements and accessories to complete your project
  • We source a wide variety of mediums encompassing sculpture, painting, photography, limited edition prints, fiber...
Relocation Services:

If your firm is planning to relocate, Artsource International is expert at refurbishing and reinstalling your artwork. Where necessary, Artsource adds new work which complements the existing collection and new surroundings... the most cost effective manner to re-utilize your art.